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Students Rules :  
  1. Two passport size photographs is a must while taking admission.

  2. The prospectus shall be available for Rs. 250/-, if collected in person, or Rs. 500/-, if asked for by post.paid

  3. Course Fees once are not refundable under any circumstances.
  4. Student’s Admission to a particular course is not transferable to any other, person or course.

  5. First Installment of fees is to be paid on/before the first day of admission itself.

  6. Two installment will be given if the fees is less than Rs. 6000/-. The installments will be customized as per course duration, if the respective course fees is more
    than Rs. 6000/-.

  7. Between two installments, one-month gap will be given. *Conditions apply

  8. Rs. 10/- will be fined per day if the fees (installment) is not paid on specified date.

  9. If the student is absent for a prolonged period of time ( 3 consecutive days or more), due to which his/her syllabus is not completed in specified time, then the faculty will not be responsible for it, nor should the student expect the faculty to complete the course for him/her.

  10. The students are instructed to fill the Leave Application form well in advance if they intend to take any leave.

  11. Students are requested to bring their ID card along with them to the Institute. Failing which, the student shall not be allowed to attend that days’ lecture/practical. There shall be no repetition of lecture/practical missed on this account. The student shall be bound to produce his/her ID card on demand of the authorities at the respective center.

  12. Rs 50 will be charged to issue a new I card, in case of misplacement of the first
    ID card.

  13. To issue the books from the Library, the student will have to pay a refundable deposit of Rs. 1,000/-. The books will be issued for a Max. No. of 5 days, one book can be issued at a time. Every student can issue one book only two successive times and shall have to reapply for the same, with a min. gap of one week. If the student fails to renew/submit the issued book within the stipulated time, a fine of Rs. 5/- shall be charged per day effective from the day of issue-expiry.

  14. Students who do not wish to join the library, can refer the books in the institute, but have to return the book before leaving the institute.

  15. On completion of final exams, students should collect their certificates within 30 days.
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