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    Fashion Writer

Envision traveling to “fashion cities” – Paris, Milan, Tokyo and New York to attend fashion shows, meeting celebrities and crème of the society, covering the latest trends in fashion and beauty, receiving designer products to review, and having lunch with your favorite fashion designer in a posh café to chat about the season’s colors.

As a fashion writer, you’re constantly on the go and your bylines appear in numerous international magazines.

bullet01 While only a lucky few fashion writers can become best-selling authors and
   internationally syndicated columnists, it is possible to be successful in
   this field even if :

  • You don’t live in New York, Los Angeles, Miami or San Francisco
  • You don’t have a Journalism or English degree
  • You don’t have any college education at all
  • English is your second or third language
  • You don’t have any fashion background
  • You don’t have impeccable grammatical skill and
  • You are unfamiliar with fashion lingo

A fashion writer is one who does fashion reporting or writes commentaries or books on new trends in the fashion and beauty industry. One may also choose to review new fashion and beauty products.


bullet01 You may choose to work as a freelancer or as a staff writer in a publication.
   Depending on the publication for which she is writing, a fashion writer may produce
   any of the following :

  • Reporting article
  • Product review article
  • Editorial article
  • Feature article
  • Book
  • Workbook
  • Memoir
  • Press release


bullet01 There are several career pathways in this field that you can choose based
   on your strengths and interests. You are not restricted to work for glamorous
   fashion magazines. You may prefer to work as one of these

  • Freelance Writer
  • Freelance Reporter
  • Staff Writer or Editor
  • Staff Columnist
  • Staff Reporter
  • Freelance Columnist
  • Syndicated Columnist
  • Book Author
  • Press Release Writer
  • Marketing Copywriter


bullet01 Types of employer you can work with include :

  • Be your own boss (as a freelancer)
  • Fashion and/or beauty magazine publisher
  • Fashion and/or beauty newsletter publisher
  • Daily newspaper
  • Weekly newspaper
  • Book packager
  • Research firm
  • Trend consultant
  • Book publisher
  • Public relations firm


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