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    Fashion Event Organizer

Do you love making important decisions and making "history" in the fashion industry, but not as the "saga on the stage"? Then you might make a great fashion event organizer. 

If you’ve ever been to a fashion show, trunk show, or bridal show, you’ve seen the creation of a fashion event organizer. What, did you think all the clothes, food, entertainment, and workers got there by themselves?  

Fashion event organizers are in charge of hiring book space for fashion shows, hiring models, scheduling fittings, finalizing which clothing and accessories will be shown, handling publicity, and even arranging seating and refreshments. But ever wonder what the point of all this chaos is? Ultimately, fashion event organizers have one goal – to increase the identity of a store or a brand. 

While this job sounds perfect for those who reside in big sites, think again.

Thinking you must be from a major metropolitan city in order to become a fashion event organizer is like saying you need to be from New York to be a writer. As long as you have the skills, the drive, and aren’t afraid to fly, who cares where you sleep at night? 


bullet01 What do fashion event organizers organize that is so interesting?

Besides the obvious arranging of fashion shows, fashion event organizers also have a hand in :

  • Small boutique and mega-store openings
  • Product launching
  • Trade shows
  • Trunk shows
  • Sample sales
  • Parties
  • Scouting and securing venues
  • Attaining the talent (models, designers, hair and makeup artists, photographers, videographers)
  • Recruiting sponsors
  • Event/show layout
  • Staging of the event, lighting, music, hiring and managing event staff, and
  • Overseeing promotion and production

Mix intense passion with a great deal of motivation and a whole lot of researching, and you’ll realize that it’s not that difficult to become a professional fashion event organizer. 

As a fashion event organizer, you can have a peace of mind that it is a great opportunity. After all, fashion trend changes all the time and new products are being launched almost everyday.

In a nutshell, if you have the drive to succeed and good with people, you're very likely to succeed in this career. 


bullet01 As a professional concierge service owner, you can enjoy :

  • The recognition in having a "unique profession"
  • The privilege and recognition of being a trusted person 
  • Enjoy high income potential (some very successful fashion event organizers earn anywhere up to a few corers a year).
Networking opportunities with important people, the media, businesses and fashion professionals.
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