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    What is fashion design?

Fashion expresses the identity of different generations, groups and market segments within the diverse and vibrant society of today.

Fashion, pivots on the ever changing, high-energy profile and excitement of the international design world.


bullet01 What is fashion design?

Designing for fashion is about creating innovative and inspiring garments that enhance the body, personality and character of individuals.

Fashion design is about expressing a passion for line, shape, texture, colour, drape and fabric, underpinned with a sensitive and astute understanding of design history viewed through the lens of contemporary culture.

Clothing is considered one of the basic necessities of life. Originally we clothed ourselves for protection from the natural elements, but later that motivation was joined by other reasons.

We began to wear clothes -and to be selective about what clothes we wore-- to make ourselves more appealing to others, to help us feel better about ourselves, to decorate and to communicate. To accomplish these ends, clothiers throughout time developed a host of materials and methods that they could use. By combining different textures, colors and materials in unique ways, and customizing the end results to suit each subject's particular needs, the act of clothing an individual evolved from being a necessity to being an art.

Over time that art has developed and expanded. From serapes to sandwich boards, the variety of apparel that humans can create to express themselves appears to be endless. The notion of fashion now goes well beyond mere clothing. It includes the accessories that people use in their daily lives, like billfolds and backpacks. Apparel fashion melds into larger fashion landscapes, integrating itself with home fashion, product fashion, and others. An understanding and appreciation of fashion design is not just for clothing designers, but for merchandisers, purchasers and anyone else who works in an area that defines or promotes the styles and looks we live by.


bullet01 What would you do as a designer?

The brightest and best fashion designers rise to become global brand names, media personalities, business leaders or, ultimately, celebrated creative icons symbolizing the unique look, feel and attitudes of their era. Fashion designers influence and respond to social change by setting trends in visual culture and global commerce.

Fashion designers travel extensively building global product knowledge and seeking cultural stimulation, while adapting the latest and greatest into every signature range they design and produce.


bullet01 What would you do as a student of fashion design?

As a Fashion student, you would enter a stimulating environment where creative subjects such as fashion design, fashion drawing, textile design and color are balanced with a thorough knowledge of pattern making and garment construction and fashion-specific computer aided design. You would perfect your visual communication and design skills on paper through drawing, and then use your technical knowledge to create exciting, innovative and accurate fashion garments in fabric for showcasing in the annual fashion parades held annually by Creations.


bullet01 Tip : (place it in a colored box).

An understanding and appreciation of fashion design is not just for clothing designers, but for merchandisers, purchasers and anyone else who works in an area that defines or promotes the styles and looks we live by.


bullet01 What are the different career choices available for you after you finish this program?

There are several Fashion Career Profiles that one could choose from, depending on the nature of work one feels comfortable doing. However, one upcoming field that we could specifically mention as a field that one should keep an eye on, is the retail segment. Retail sales and management is the mantra of tomorrow.


bullet01 A list of Fashion Related Career Profiles :


bullet01 Fashion Design & Production

Fashion Designer
Accessory Designer
Fashion Merchandiser
Fashion Sales Representative
Showroom Sales Representative
Product Manager
Clothing Pattern Maker
Pattern Grader


bullet01 Fashion Marketing

Fashion Buyer
Fashion Coordinator
Retail Merchandiser
Visual Merchandiser
Retail Store Manager
Boutique Owner


bullet01 Fashion Media & Promotions

Fashion Writer
Fashion Stylist
Fashion PR Specialist
Fashion Editor
Fashion Illustrator
Fashion CAD Operator
Fashion Photographer


bullet01 Other Careers in Fashion

Costume Designer
Personal Stylist
Fashion Model

In order to help you understand these profiles better, we have attempted to compile brief information on some these unique fields of fashion.



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