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Dear Sir / Madam,

We wish to thank you for your interest in an association with
Creations 'The School Of Design and Technology'.

We are a group of creative professionals who treat the subjects of Art, Design, Media and Technology with a 4th dimension, the dimension of 'FUTURE'.

As rightly said, 'A good Business is a Good design of Tomorrow, in Execution today!'

With a similar thought and plan for you, we are glad to offer you the opportunity to be a part of a 'Million Dollar Industry', the future of todays economy, "DESIGN". Whether it be Humans, Machines, Garments, Jewelry, Homes or the Media to promote these, all have something common in them, i.e. - their DESIGN.

Through our business partnership, we wish to offer you a profession, where you can dare to dream, visualize your dreams and finally bring them into execution through innovative practices. Along with the opportunity to realize your inner lust for freedom of thoughts, you also have the scope of earning in multiples of what you invest in this business, thus rightly guiding your investments, if this an investment plan for you, or guiding you through your growth if this is a first time business opening for you. Any which ways, you become a part of the Industry, where billions are spent everyday,

Its now you who has to decide what you want to own from the total share of the
'Million Dollar Industry'.

If you are motivated to share success and want to be recognized as an integral part of an upcoming industry, kindly read through this proposal and revert back to us for clarifications if any. We look forward to meet you personally

With Warm Wishes,
Sandeep Agarwal.


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