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Article of the Month : Jewelry Trends
bullet01 Trend 1 : Diamonds Set in White Metal

The strongest trend in jewellery design is diamonds set in white metal, particularly platinum. Its purity is the perfect symbol of a new beginning. The cool elegance of today's white-on-white styles is futuristic but also refers back to the styles of the turn of the last century, when lacy platinum and diamond looks also dominated jewelry design.

bullet01 Trend 2 : Brilliant Briolettes

Drop everything! The briolette is an antique gemstone cut that is the hottest new gem trend. A briolette is a drop cut which is faceted all the way around, like a crystal from a chandelier. It is popular in diamonds and colored gemstones like amethyst, aquamarine, and peridot. The best styles are delicate and lacy, with briolettes dangling from fine chain in white metal. The modern way to wear these romantic necklaces and earrings is with simple streamlined clothing.


bullet01 Trend 3 : Hot Wires

Another futuristic touch in jewellery design today is flexible wire, which is updating pendants and necklaces. One thin flexible strand is a modern way to wear a pendant. Multiple strands with gemstones and pearls are bold but not heavy. The combination of wire and cultured pearls is particularly fresh: a classic traditional look brought into the twenty-first century.


bullet01 Trend 4 : Hip Squares

Brilliant square princess cut diamonds are the latest look in engagement rings and diamond stud earrings. And square cut gemstones add a modern touch to bands, pendants and drop earrings as well. In some styles they are set squarely, in others, turned on point, for a diamond shaped profile that looks particularly elegant for a pendant.


bullet01 Trend 5 : Pave impressions

A frosting of tiny diamonds covers many of the latest jewelry designs. This style of setting, called pave, paves the surface of a piece of jewelry with diamonds set side to side covering a large area of the piece. In the past, this technique was used to decorate very elaborate jewellery for evening wear. Today it is used to add brilliance to simple designs that add a signature touch to your everyday wardrobe: classic earrings, bangles and the frames of pendants.


bullet01 Trend 6 : Diamond Hoops

The trendiest new earring style is an old favorite: the hoop. A simple circle, the hoop is surprisingly versatile. The newest hoops are small in diameter, hugging the ear. A sprinkling of diamonds and white metal makes them up-to-the-minute as well as timeless.


bullet01 Trend 7 : Precious Mesh

These designs feel as good as they look. Beautiful 22-karat yellow gold mesh from Tanishq is the latest look in chokers, necklaces, and bracelets. There are lots of different soft styles composed of webs of fine chain, interlocking links, or rings.


bullet01 Trend 8 : Coloured Diamonds

If you love the sparkle and brilliance of a diamond, and are dazzled by the alluring hues of colored gemstones like rubies, emeralds, and sapphires, then maybe it?s time for you to consider a growing trend in the world of jewelry...colored diamonds. Deep blues, rich reds, pinks, yellows and glorious greens are just a few of the colors that make up the rainbow of what are often called "fancy colored diamonds." Thanks to Ben Affleck presenting his intended, Jennifer Lopez, with a five plus carat pink diamond engagement ring, this trend has received a further fillip.


bullet01 Trend 9 : Turquoise and Coral

When paired with diamonds, turquoise and coral take on a new dimension of luxury. Once reserved for the bohemian-types, these semi-precious stones are now hotter than ever. From exquisite cocktail rings, pins, bracelets and to-die-for pendants, to long and dangly, turquoise waterfall or chandelier earrings, this trend is all the rage this season.


bullet01 Trend 10 : The Proper Pearl

Luxurious Tahitian and South Sea pearls are brought to life this season. Strands and strands of rare white, pink and black, oversized pearl studs with tiny diamonds and over-the-top pearl and diamond rings make a stunning statement. Conch pearls - considered the ne plus ultra in pink pearls are also a rage in the west.


bullet01 Trend 11 : Vintage Jewellery

The demand for vintage-inspired jewelry continues to grow. From exotic, lacy, enamel workings of Indian Kundan Meena jewellery set with raw gemstones to rich royal looks of Gheru finished jewellery, designers are creating unique and contemporary interpretations of these classics. The art of mixing current styles with those of times past is the dominant trend, confirmed also by the latest fashion shows. This is also motivating jewellery designers to look toward old shapes, to recreate the patina of time in new pieces and to rediscover types of jewellery forgotten in grandma's jewellery box.

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