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  About us

CREATIONS, proposes to encompass all the aspects of designing in fashion, jewelry, interiors, media and animation. Ever since its inception has achieved excellence in the field of Education and Services.

CREATIONS has setup two divisions to gratify the needs of its clients, viz. :

The educational division of CREATIONS, will nourish and nurture those who have a passion for fashion. We work to convert the latent designers into potential designers. With the variety of courses offered here, we aim at developing every kind of art that would help our students become designers and conceptualizers, best suited to the industry.

The field of designing attempts to express as well as define the feelings and attitudes of the society that spawns it. As people's taste and approach changes, so do their perceptions of what is desirable. Thus, making the basic nature of Designing Industry dynamic and ever changing. Those who choose careers in designing, constructing or merchandising will find themselves working in an environment that is always fresh and full of new challenges and surprises.

At CREATIONS, we have attempted to cover every such element that would make a difference to our students and give them the required edge over other designers from their respective fields. Whether it is the practicality of the course structure, or the actual 'hands on', we have attempted to carefully sort every issue with commitment to the purpose. In order to add more value to our students we have carefully hand picked a few international partners, who are globally acclaimed to facilitate our students to exploit the IT enabled applications of their respective design sectors.


Our Team :

In order to accomplish its objectives and aims, Creations has associated itself with the best of technical people from the respective industries. The team at Creations consists of a set of carefully, handpicked designers and consultants, who share the vision of Creations, and have the zeal to give the best to the students. All the faculties at Creations, either visiting or permanent, have been associated with their respective industry for at least five years * and have the relevant experience to deliver the best to the students at Creations. Many of our faculties are also working outside of the classroom so you'll learn what's happening out there…in here.

Our team, having an excellent rapport with the industry, know the latest in their fields and hence are capable of developing our students into potential designers to cope with the current trends.


The Infrastructure :

We understand our students as individuals, recognize their strengths and weakness, and treat them with utmost care, to help them grow to the fullest of their potential. CREATIONS is a typical design studio, with all the necessary ambience and interiors, conducive for the concept. IT is definitely a strong tool, but conventional, open air culture, with adequate number of field surveys, group activities, industry visits, market research and last but not the least, class outings, add to the spice, and enthuse the students to further their creativity.

For the same reason, we also aim at having an in-house workshop for every division separately. This will help the students to not only grasp the theory, but also expertise in the practical applications of the subject. The infrastructure of the institute, though simple and small, is specially designed with the consultation of the experts from the industry, to give the students a reality check of the industry, rather than a glamorous, deceptive feel which is the general trend of many educational institutes. We aspire to envision an eternal bond with our students, and give them an ongoing support for their career, whenever they require it.


Training Methodology:

Traditional courses require you to learn an entire topic in one section, which can be dull. Our courses are based on an entirely new approach to learning. We tackle each topic a little at a time, with a stream of fun exercises, to keep you interested. We give you opportunity to work with a mason, as well as senior architects. By the end of the course, you'll find you've absorbed all the facts, but without any of the boredom.

Our courses prepare you to work in a professional capacity in designing and its related industries. Our curriculum is carefully scrutinized and developed by industry leaders and prominent employers who tell us what skills are needed in the workplace. As the learning progresses, you will learn to create designs from concept to fruition, including construction, merchandising and marketing. This means that your education is relevant, practical, and hands-on. In fact, the classroom often mimics what you'll find on the job. The assessment methods used in the program are engaging and complementary; including portfolio preparation, critiques, presentations, exhibitions, role-play and simulation with practical and written assignments and examinations. Deadlines, pitching ideas in front of the class, and working in teams helps you flex those creative muscles.

On successful completion, you will graduate with an essential range of creative skills and industry knowledge, required to actively pursue a qualified designing career both locally and overseas.


Why is Creations right for you:

1. You can study at your own pace.
2. You receive a complete course (not module by module) containing all you need to know.
3. You'll discover how to find work, and how to win your own clients.
4. Fun assignments marked by your own friendly tutor.
5. All tutors are professional designers, so you get insider information.
6. Carefully graduated courses, so you grow into them.
7. Suitable for learners who want to simply improve
    their own skills, and budding professionals alike.
8. Sample designs and checklists.
9. Contact with other students if required.
10. Free help on all design work you seek or win.
11. A Starter kit for your guide.*
12. An exclusive Designer's Manual.*
13. Creations card that gets you student discounts.*
14. Scholarships and course funding options.
15. Computer Aided Designing, an interim part of the course
16. Practicality attached to theory, to get you more involved.

And when you complete the course....

17. You get the Institute's Certification for Design, which is co-certified by expert solution
      providers in their own respective fields.
18. We'll put your name on our list of Approved Designers.*
19. We send news about your success to your local newspapers *
20. You get a free listing of the corporates from your sector of design
21. Free logos to put on your website and your letterhead.
22. Free recommendations to the respective corporates, attached to your field of design.

Plus hundreds of strategies, exercises and tips that teach you the secrets of Designing, and more so, selling your designs.
* Conditions Apply.

Welcome to the team at Creations !


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