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Jewelry wholesalers and importers typically work as dealers or distributors. They import and supply diamonds, colored stones, watches, cultured pearls and finished jewelry made in places like Europe, India or Asia to jewelry retailers or other wholesalers. Typically, if you work for a wholesaler you will be an outside sales representative or in-house customer service rep.

Entry-level jobs can include tasks like shipping and receiving or stone grading and sorting. Outside sales reps often have heavy travel schedules. Many are self-employed, making this an ideal field for someone who wants to have their own business and set their own schedule.


bullet01 Is this a career for me?

As with most sales and service-oriented jobs, those who work for wholesalers need to be comfortable meeting new people and initiating contact with potential customers.

Wholesalers are good at analyzing markets, getting key information from clients and taking the opportunity to present their product in a positive light. Sales representatives are self-motivated and able to work alone. Both inside and outside salespeople need to be persistent, well organized and good at follow-up. Because many retailers rely on their sales reps for information about the wider jewelry markets, and especially about what styles are popular around the country, sales representatives keep up with style and fashion, and with changes in the industry. They take every opportunity to network with their colleagues at trade shows, association meetings and other industry events.


bullet01 A day in the life of a wholesaler/importer.

Social skills and the ability to communicate well with a variety of people are critical for people working in this part of the jewelry business. Salespeople need to capture a retailer’s attention quickly, particularly at trade shows. Their ability to size up their customer and select the right merchandise to show is part of their expertise. Inside and outside salespeople are good at problem solving and taking care of their clients’ needs. They are skilled at coordinating work with the people around them and ensuring that things get done properly and on time

.For busy salespeople, whether they are on the road or on the phone, time management and follow-up are probably the greatest challenges. It can be difficult to get the paperwork done and the phone calls made during the course of a busy day, and even harder to make time for reading trade magazines and visiting key industry websites in order to stay up to date with changes in the market. But those phone calls and trade magazines lead salespeople to their greatest satisfactions: closing sales, meeting and exceeding their goals, and ultimately getting to work with people they respect and a product they love.


bullet01 How do you grow in the industry?

From inside or outside sales positions, many people go into sales or marketing management, or use their expertise and contacts to start their own companies. Other career tracks include buying or working with factories in foreign locations, or making a move to a senior sales or management position with a wholesaler, retailer or manufacturer.


bullet01 What salaries should you expect?

  • Entry Level – Rs.1,25,000/- to Rs.2,50,000/-
  • Qualified/Experienced - Rs.3,00,000/-to Rs.6,00,000/-
  • Career Potential - Rs.9,00,000/-to Rs.12,00,000/-and up**

* Salaries can vary greatly based on the individual, job description, employer and geographic    area.

** Successful sales representatives and company owners can earn considerably more.



  • Some retail or customer service for entry-level positions
  • Gemology training for sorters and graders
  • Trade experience for senior sales and management positions
  • A gemology diploma and college-level courses in business and marketing
    for career advancement
  • Knowledge of import/export law for those dealing with companies outside the your country.
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