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    Retail Sales Professhional

If you like the idea of selling a product that you feel passionate about, a career in retail jewelry might just be the right choice for you. It’s true! Working in a jewelry store is much like spending a day in a treasure vault surrounded by beautiful objects. But it’s also much more than that — you’re privileged to share some of your customers’ happiest moments: engagements, anniversaries, birthdays, and other significant events.

Jewelry sales professionals are socially comfortable: they are friendly, enthusiastic and even-tempered, and good at both verbal and non-verbal communications. They are perceptive, and creative when it comes to solving problems. Good salesmanship requires persistence, so they are determined but not pushy. Sales professionals enjoy learning and sharing what they know with their customers. Their knowledge can come from a variety of sources, like a professional educational program with us. Personal interests and inclinations often influence an individual’s direction as a sales professional.

Someone with an interest in mechanical things or machines might specialize in selling watches. An interest in history might lead someone else to the job of selling antique jewelry. And the fashion-conscious individual who knows what all the celebrities are wearing would enjoy showing designer jewelry to customers.

Whatever the specialty, though, the best salespeople are highly versatile and able to work with different kinds of jewelry and people; they are good at building relationships of trust based on integrity and derive great satisfaction from finding exactly the right jewelry to meet their customers’ needs.


bullet01 Pre-requisite knowledge that can lead you to succeed in this career :

  • Some retail or customer service experience for entry level sales
  • Courses or seminars in retailing, merchandising or sales
  • Computer skills
  • Any employer-sponsored product knowledge or sales training
  • Jewelry experience and some gemology training for senior sales positions or management training programs


bullet01 What do you do as a Retail Sales Executive?

In selling jewelry, communications skills — particularly the ability to listen — are perhaps the most important. Retail sales professionals ask the questions that tell them what their customers need or want, and use their product knowledge and their store’s resources to meet those needs. Their ability to organize the information they gather, and to figure out their customers’ priorities, helps them be persuasive without over-pressuring people to buy. Success also depends at least in part on a reputation for ethical behavior. While the ability to talk easily with others is critical for salespeople, the ability to say the right things is equally important. A store’s reputation rests on its integrity. Being truthful with customers when presenting merchandise and respecting customer privacy at all times is paramount.

Many sales professionals perform tasks like merchandising or displaying the store’s jewelry, helping track the inventory, maintaining customer files, and assisting with special in-store events. Increasingly, technical and product knowledge skills are in demand. Learning how to change watch batteries or adjust bracelets, or earning design, gemology, or appraisal credentials may allow you to take on additional responsibilities. Many salespeople take pride in their certifications and diplomas and the professional respect that comes with them.

In sales, the successes are usually easy to measure, and the rewards tangible. Closing a sale, meeting daily or monthly goals, or even the smile on a customer’s face tells you that you’ve done well. But for salespeople, it is difficult when customers don’t buy. Frustration and disappointment are sometimes part of the job. Successful sales professionals must rely on self-motivation and a positive attitude to move past occasional setbacks. With the determination to learn from every encounter, future success is assured.


bullet01 How can you grow in this Industry?

Retail sales experience is the foundation for many careers within the jewelry industry. Sales people can become store managers, and move from there into buying or corporate management. Some choose to put their communications skills to work as sales trainers or educators, while others become representatives for manufacturers or wholesalers. Some choose to continue as sales people, enjoying the flexibility of a profession that is rewarding and filled with opportunities for personal and professional growth.


bullet01 Salaries scales one can expect in this field :

  • Entry Level - Rs. 60,000 to Rs. 96,000
  • Qualified/Experienced – Rs. 1,20,000 to Rs.2,40,000
  • Career Potential – Rs. 2,50,000 to Rs. 5,00,000 +


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