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If you enjoy a fast-paced environment and working with different people all focused on the same goal, working for a jewelry manufacturer may be for you. There are many career options available for someone working for a manufacturer. Inside sales and customer service representatives, outside sales representatives and bench jewelers are some of the most obvious.

Larger companies also employ specialists and generalists in jewelry design, product development, marketing, advertising, gemology, quality control and jewelry repair.


bullet01 Is this a career for me?

Manufacturing companies usually look for people who enjoy interacting with others and who will work well with co-workers and the firm’s customers.

Self-starters – those who are ambitious and able to motivate themselves and others – usually make good salespeople, while customer service departments often look for individuals who are organized and can coordinate the company’s different departments to meet customer needs. Manufacturing jewelers need both a good general knowledge of the jewelry manufacturing process and expertise in their area of specialty.

The ability to learn quickly and to see the big picture is important for salespeople, designers and production staff, who need to understand not only how their own company works but must keep up with their competitors and trends in the marketplace. An interest in fashion and style can translate into a position with a designer firm, while an aptitude for marketing or finance can be put to good use working for a high-volume manufacturer.



  • Retail or wholesale jewelry trade or customer service experience for entry-level positions
  • Significant trade experience for outside sales reps
  • Formal education in business and gemology may be necessary
  • Relevant training and trade experience for jewelers and production staff
  • Production experience, bench skills, experience with financial management and marketing as well as facility with computers are typically expected of those in management.


bullet01 Salary expectations on can have in this field*

  • Entry Level – Rs.1,25,000/- to Rs.2,50,000/-
  • Qualified/Experienced - Rs.3,00,000/-to Rs.6,00,000/-
  • Career Potential - Rs.9,00,000/-to Rs.12,00,000/-and up**

* Salaries can vary greatly based on the individual, job description, employer and geographic area.

** Successful sales representatives and the owners and managers of large manufacturing firms can earn considerably more.


bullet01 What do you as a manufacturer?

Sales representatives should be comfortable meeting new people and presenting themselves and their product in a positive light, as much of their job involves developing the company’s business on the road and at trade shows. Customer service reps need organizational and problem-solving skills to meet their clients’ needs, while production staff will make use of their planning and technical skills to ensure that the company’s merchandise is manufactured to exacting standards and shipped out on time. Managers and company owners need the ability to train and motivate their employees; their days also involve the creative and financial skills that keep the company moving forward.

Sales representatives and business owners often report that their biggest challenge is time management – seeing that the day’s tasks get done while making time for the planning and strategizing that allows a company to meet its long-term goals. But success brings the great satisfaction of seeing your merchandise in stores across the country, and the more private reward of working with a product you love, one that brings people beauty and joy.


bullet01 How does one grow in as a manufacturer in the jewelry industry?

Outside representatives may become sales or marketing directors, but they often make their careers in sales. Independent reps are self-employed and develop a regular clientele to whom they sell merchandise from a variety of jewelry manufacturers. Customer service and production staff may move into management positions, becoming sales or product development managers. Bench jewelers may expand their areas of expertise or develop new skills. Some jewelers go on to work in supervisory positions, while others may open their own manufacturing companies or retail stores.

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