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If you are a gemologist, designer, bench worker, watchmaker or a retail executive, but find immense satisfaction in educating your colleagues and team mates, then choosing education as a part/full-time career is a good option for you. Professional instructors bring a certain amount of techno-functional experience to their work. They use their passion for trade and skill to motivate others to join the same through education, to become successful in the jewelry training industry.


bullet01 Do you fit this profession?

Most educators are creative, curious and enthusiastic. Successful educators share their knowledge with their students, with enthusiasm and awareness. They help their students to reach the same levels of motivation by sharing with them guided, real life experiences.

In order to be a good trainer, it is not only essential to have sound knowledge, but also to be able to communicate the same with the audience. To be able to deliver a good speech, is equally as important as it is to listen to the students’ problems, to interpret them and give them the apt solutions.

Good educators enjoy meeting   new people and organizing activities for them. They need to be diplomatic, patient and even tempered, as the situation may demand. Some trainers prefer speaking to huge groups, while other may like dealing with students on a one on one basis. However, it may be, trainers share a love for education, and desire to share this love with others. Their need to continue in the field of education is largely because of their love for sharing knowledge and hence generally commercial services cannot delude them from education services.


bullet01 What can make me a successful educator?

  • A formal training in gemology;
  • Jewelry trade experience in the field you plan to reach;
  • Management or sales experience could also help;
  • Formal certification in adult education;
  • Public speaking training;
  • Former education experience;
  • In some cases, a state certification / license may be required.


bullet01 What does one do as an educator?

Teachers have different skills that they bring into their profession. Trainers have excellent communication, organizational and time management skills. Technology up gradation is extremely important for the trainers, as computers, and other presentation tools are now-a-days, extensively useful for maintaining the students’ records, as well for delivering effective training. Knowing the latest in technology, from your own industry is equally important.

Education is a field that demands extreme patience and endurance. Solving the problems of a student may take as much of patience as knowledge. Education, challenges and satisfaction go hand in hand. Keeping abreast the latest updates from the field, is extremely important, and seems never ending. However, using that knowledge to solve a students’ problem and see him succeed can be extremely satisfying, and worth the continual effort. The satisfaction of seeing ones own student as one of the most successful professionals from the industry, is immensely satisfying, and at times overshadow the happiness brought in by a couple of millions! Ultimately, teachers drive their own motivation from helping students achieve their educational goals.


bullet01 How can one grow as an educator?

Educators are often professionals from the industry itself, but can be a strong platform for newcomers, to move up the chain, as a supervisors or managers, from the jewelry industry.

Beyond classroom, educators can become managers or care takers of large training houses, departments in educational schools, laboratories, private companies or industry associations, or could work with a large retailer or distributor to manage his training programs for educating the staff on the new product ranges. Educators, often start their own consultancy services, towards the end of their careers.  


bullet01 What kind of salaries can one expect from the training industry?

  • Entry Level – Rs.1,25,000/- to Rs.2,50,000/-
  • Qualified/Experienced - Rs.3,00,000/-to Rs.6,00,000/-
  • Career Potential - Rs.12,00,000/-to Rs.24,00,000/-and up**

* Salaries can vary greatly based on the individual, job description, employer and geographic    area.

** Successful sales representatives and the owners and managers of large manufacturing firms      can earn considerably more.

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